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Cleveland Massage Therapy at Stella Luna

The benefits of massage therapy, whether for relaxation or for therapeutic purposes, is well known in most societies and cultures around the World and is an appreciated service. In addition, these practices are now deeply researched, and the benefits are well-documented by modern medical research.

Relaxation Massage

For many people, massage therapy is used to address immediate issues affecting many types of short-term distress, both physical and emotional. Higher levels of endorphins and oxytocin are very common during and immediately following both relaxation and therapeutic massage. This contributes to reduced stress, anxiety, and worry that our fast-paced lives often create. This alone may offer long-term benefits for emotional and physical distress, without the need to introduce other forms of therapy. However, as an adjunct therapy, massage is invaluable to assist in the effectiveness of other therapies.

These are some of the most common benefits of regular massage sessions:

  • Reduced most-common stress hormones – norepinephrine, cortisol, and epinephrine.
  • Improved blood circulation to the muscles, brain, lymph nodes, and connective tissues of the body.
  • Increased release of hormones that reduce pain, anxiety, and pain levels.
  • Increased oxytocin levels in the body, creating feelings of empathy and generosity, which improves social bonding.
  • Decreased muscle and spinal cord pain by limiting activation of “pain receptors.”
  • Decreased cytokine creation in the body, which is a leading cause of general inflammation.

Many people report a decrease in stress, blood pressure, and slower, deeper breathing after receiving a massage therapy session by a trained massage therapist.

Massage, Myofacial Release,  Movement/Yoga, Reiki, Prenatal Sessions

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage differs from massage used for relaxation in very specific ways. While all massage is a manipulation of the body, therapeutic massage is often focused on a specific issue or physical problem. Medical/Therapeutic massage has the advantage of creating a focus on the ligaments, connective tissue, and muscles that support every function of our bodies as we move through our lives. As a compliment to other therapies or as a solution in and of itself, therapeutic massage helps in ways traditional therapies sometimes cannot.

Medical or Therapeutic Massage is often used to address:

  • Migraine Headaches
  • Whiplash
  • Low back pain
  • Radiating pain
  • Tendonitis
  • Repetitive Stress Injuries
  • Sprains and strained muscles and joints
Therapeutic Massage

Chakra Balancing Massage

A Chakra Balancing Massage differs from conventional massage techniques by incorporating an energy-balancing session in conjunction with a combination of relaxation massage and deep tissue massage. Multiple techniques may be used, depending on the massage therapist’s training and experience in determining the alignment and energy levels of each chakra within the client’s body

This is an intuitive practice coupled with traditional massage techniques. Often, this type of massage will focus on the back and erector spinae muscle group. As the massage progresses, the therapist will intuitively move to the areas that will provide the most relief, healing, and beneficial energetic release – ultimately realigning and balancing the energies of the Chakra System. 

After this type of massage, many people have reported:

  • An increase in vitality and energy.
  • A feeling of deep peace and stillness within their bodies and in other areas of their lives.
  • A decreased occurrence of colds, flus, and other infections.
  • An improvement in mood and a decrease in depression and anxiety.
  • Greater flexibility and less muscle and joint pain.
  • Improved digestion, and recovery from physical and emotional strain.

A Chakra balancing massage may provide improvement in both our physical and emotional states. 

Stella Luna Counseling and Wellness – Massage Therapists

Stella Luna employs state-licensed massage therapists to assure only the highest standards of care for our clients. We currently offer relaxation massage, therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, and Chakra Balancing Massage. Our dedicated massage spaces are designed with your comfort in mind. Individual massage areas assure your privacy while providing the opportunity to create an environment that supports and nurtures your ease and comfort during the experience.


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