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Cleansing and Grounding Meditations- A Conscious Tools for Positive Change Event


May 24, 2024    
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm



Regular cleansing and grounding practice improves a meditation routine.  These skills teach recognizing and releasing internal obstacles thus fostering mental, emotional, and energetic rootedness.  Accordingly, enhancing these skills benefits all aspects of life.

To establish a strong foundation, consistent practice will yield the most significant and enduring changes.  To that point, the best additions to everyday practice are simple and easily repeatable techniques.

The Workshop

This workshop is part of Stella Luna’s Conscious Tools for Positive Change series.  John, our Ops/Wellness manager and Internals instructor, leads the workshop.  He has almost a quarter century of Internals practice, most of that time in various instructor roles.  He curated this workshop, using both Eastern and Western traditions, to teach easily repeatable techniques that will fit nicely into any practice whether new or established.

The workshop begins with basic physical structure, posture, and breathing techniques.  Subsequently, the participants will focus on anchoring and cleansing the energy body and auric field.  Finally, the session concludes with a practice centered on mental grounding.

To accommodate busy schedules, this workshop is offered twice.  Therefore, attendance at both sessions is optional though all are welcome at both.

Participants are advised to wear comfortable clothes and bring a firm cushion.  Accommodations for the sitting portion are available upon request.