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Conscious Community Cleveland


September 16, 2023    
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


We are excited to kick off this free event!  We are a conscious community of like-minded people in Northeast Ohio who aim to explore and up-level consciousness.  We’re interested in creating a local community to support the global shift in consciousness through holistic pathways like mindfulness practices in meditation, yoga, wellness, healthy eating, exercise, nature, sound healing, energy healing, herbalism, journaling, dancing, and deep and authentic discussions that penetrate the body, mind, and spirit.

monarch butterfly on pink petals

We are an open and inclusive community!  We are not from one path, but many, and all paths are welcome to be explored.

Starting with a group experience, we will have grounding and intention setting before opening up to group discussion.  The intent is to support a dialogue about collaborating and identifying deeper topics we want to expand upon as we continue to grow.

Blue energy woman with symbolic chakras open