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Conscious Creation


July 13, 2024    
1:00 pm - 2:15 pm

Event Price: $44

Introduction to The Conscious Creation Coaching Experience

Discover the system of conscious creation and achieve a deeper sense of empowerment in your own life as the creator of your reality.

In this workshop you will begin to understand how your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions form the foundation of your reality.  There will be time to clarify your current position (Point A) and envision your desired destination (Point B).  Additionally, you’ll Identify aspects of your foundational beliefs that no longer align with that desired path.  Once the identification happens, you will replace the beliefs that don’t support that path.  The new beliefs you generate enhance your ability to create and progress.  You will take away a new practice to integrate into your upgraded system, which will effectively propel you towards achieving the life you desire at Point B.

For the workshop, please bring a notebook and writing instrument for exercises we will be doing.  This is for capturing what resonates with you during this experience.  Also, think about a focus area in your life in which you are looking to move forward.

While this experience is intended to be an introduction into the Conscious Creation Coaching series (a 6 week, 3 part course in co-creating transformational change in your life), it is a potent experience for personal transformation even as a stand-alone event.  

Prior to the session:

  • Once you register, Jonathan (the practitioner) will reach you to via email and we will schedule a pre-experience 15-minute phone call together.  Please take time to reflect and answer: “what is my motivation to attend this experience?”  prior to the call.  The discussion will be about your motivation for this experience to help you prepare for getting the most out of this powerful, transformational experience.