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Embodiment Tools: Cleansing and Grounding


September 19, 2023    
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


Key tools in any meditative and relaxation set of skills are being able to cleanse and ground.  Like with electricity, grounding keeps us from being too scattered and unable to accomplish our goals.  Cleansing the mind and energy is just as important as cleansing the inside and outside of the physical self.

meditating on a rock on a lake with mountains in the back watercolor

These skills are not readily taught.  The purpose of this workshop is to teach skills that can be applied to any pre-existing practice, or used on their own, so each person has the power and control over themselves to re-root themselves when feeling scattered, and to get rid of energetic and thought-based stuff that does not help to serve the greater good of that practitioner.

AI figure meditates in river

This workshop will blend techniques from both Eastern and Western practices.  The overlap between the different techniques owes more to our similarities than our differences.