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Girls Self-Esteem Art Therapy Group


June 22, 2023    
1:00 pm - 2:15 pm


Girls’ Art Therapy Self Esteem Group:  A 6 week art therapy group that fosters creativity & enhances self esteem

Art Therapy

Creative expression is deeply connected to overall self esteem and well-being.  This 6 week art therapy group provides a safe sanctuary for teen girls (ages 12-16) to express themselves through a variety of different art materials, including clay, collage, painting, and drawing.  All of the art processes work enhance self-esteem and self-image and provide opportunities for positive socialization and peer interaction.

Each group includes introductions, an art warm up exercise, an art process, and optional time for sharing at the end.  Coping skills for emotional regulation are also shared and discussed.

Each group is 75 minutes in length.  All female identified clients are welcome; this group is LBGTQ friendly and affirming.

No prior art experience is required and all art materials are provided.

The total investment for the full 6 weeks is $360.

This group is offered by Purandev Kaur, a certified art therapist and yoga teacher.  Purandev is passionate about harnessing the power of the creative process for healing.

Spaces are limited so book now.