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Introduction to Meditation


June 10, 2024    
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm


Curious About Meditation?

Are you curious about meditation but feeling overwhelmed at where to start?  With all the myriad types and trends, it can be daunting to begin a regular practice.  Fortunately, we at Stella Luna have just the thing to help you get started with a fun and informative Intro to Meditation class!  

The Class

We’ll dive into the science behind why meditation is like a superpower for stress relief (e.g.; antidote to fight-or-flight).  We’ll explore some common myths about meditation, and even learn how meditation can change your brain for the better.

The best part?  You’ll get to experience meditation for yourself with a guided session that’s perfect for beginners.  We’ll focus on your breath and learn a simple mantra to help keep your mind present.  There’s no pressure, just a chance to explore and discover the power of inner peace and connect with your authentic self.

Come ready to relax, ask questions, and maybe even share your experience (whatever it may be!).  You’ll leave with practical tips for starting your own meditation practice at home, feeling more equipped to handle stress, and maybe even a newfound appreciation for the present moment.  So come and join the exploration – see you there!