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Sound Bath and Meditative Journey


May 6, 2023    
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Experience the powerful benefits of vibrational sound alchemy. There is a reason why reiki is used for end of life care and in treatment centers around the world. We optimize our healing potential for our emotional and physical bodies when we enter into a delta wave state of deep relaxation which is readily available to you through practices like reiki energy balancing, vibrational sound techniques, and various meditation techniques. Individuals often report feeling lighter, calm, and in and out of a dream-like state of relaxation. This is not your ordinary meditation. You will be laying or sitting (your preference) in Stella Luna’s tranquil studio. This environment, coupled with the restorative benefits of vibrational sound therapy will infiltrate your entire body and mind. The experience has the capacity to create powerful shifts in your internal vibrational frequency.  That’s why we pair sound, energy work (reiki), and mantra/meditation together!

You will float between alpha, beta, and delta brain wave dream and consciousness states. Come and experience a meditative journey as you listen to the healing and uplifting tones of crystal singing bowls, chakra chimes, gong, wave drums, intuitive vocalization, and other healing instruments used across many cultures and timelines. Clear the density of stagnant energy with vibrational sound infused with reiki energy and create space to raise your vibrational frequency in this energetic balancing and co-creative exchange.

*Please bring a yoga mat and pillow or floor cushion to be comfortable in a seated or laying position for 60 minutes. You may also want to bring an eye mask. As space is limited, please leave any unnecessary personal items such as purses or bags in your car to save space and assure your security. Please also be sure that your mat or chair is no larger than a standard size yoga mat.