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Tools for Highly Sensitive People- Empowering Empaths (w/Rian)


September 10, 2023    
10:00 am - 2:00 pm


Alone in a crowd

This Empowering Empaths workshop, Tools for Very Sensitive People, is a 4-hour deep-dive into the reality of those who are the most sensitive among us.  During this intensive workshop we discuss the true nature of this sensitivity.  This exploration assists you to reframe your experience within the understanding of your world as an Empath.  As we discover just what it means to Be an Empath, we look closely at the fallacies and myths that have been the reference point for empaths and the reasons many are unable to gain any relief from the overwhelming awareness of the energy and emotions of other people, places, and things.  By the end of this workshop, you will discover powerful and potent tools to change your experience from one of overwhelming emotion to a life of wonder, ease, and Joy.

When we reframe our extreme sensitivities as empathic abilities those same sensitivities become clearer.  Throughout this workshop, we learn and experience several practical and powerful processes to bring relief to the Empath and a measure of ownership and potency as the agent of choice and change in our lives.  We cannot heal what we are afraid to fully feel. The time of hiding and suffering for the Empath has come to an end.

The techniques and processes experienced in this transformative 4-hour workshop will permit the participants to experience an increased freedom from 

  • Energetic Overwhelm
  • Excessive sensitivity to the energy and emotions of others
  • Sensitivity to chemicals, smells, sounds, and light in their environment
  • The intimidation of crowds and individuals
  • A general reduction of the anxiety, stress, depression, and fear associated with their emotional sensitivity.

Empowering Empaths – Tools for Very Sensitive People will help you claim your life as your own. 

How free do you choose to Be?