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Rachel Pollack-Rincon


*Accepting new clients for virtual sessions on Wednesdays

Offering In-Person and Telehealth Sessions

Private Pay Cost:

  • $125 for Individual Therapy
  • $135 for Couples/Partner/Relationship Therapy

I have worked with individuals and groups, in both inpatient and outpatient settings, to help clients re-examine their life stories by developing a perspective of self-compassion. I believe that challenging the thinking patterns which feed anxiety and depression–through written and spoken word–can be a revitalizing process. My goal is to foster an environment of trust and a foundation of breath-work: The oxygen that allows nascent creativity to spark. I am also trained in Part I and II of EMDR therapy and working toward certification this year.

I was drawn to writing from childhood, and spent over twenty years as a writer and editor. But it was an introduction to yoga in my thirties that helped me begin to understand how becoming an observer of one’s experience, whether through writing, meditation or visualization, can create shifts from awareness into healing.

I have supported adults impacted by physical and mental health concerns, transitioning between stages of life and navigating parenting challenges. I believe exploration of identity and purpose, understanding the effects of trauma in self and others, and developing a sense of belonging can foster growth in every human being.  I received my BA from Amherst College and received training as a social worker at SUNY Binghamton and Cleveland State, graduating with an MSW in 2015.

Mental Health Counseling Services

 All of our mental health therapists are licensed by the state of Ohio. Prices vary by practitioner.

Accepted Payments – credit/debit/HSA

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We are a private counseling practice, and are working on paneling with insurances at this time. However, we cannot guarantee how long this process will take, or that we will surely be able to panel with your insurance due to the ebb and flow of enrollment. Some of our therapists are currently paneled with  insurances. You can see the updated insurances in each therapist bio, or contact our office for more updated information on where we are in the paneling process. For now, you may be able to utilize your out-of-network benefits for behavioral mental health if you have them. Click for more information and to learn more about this process. You are always welcome to private pay for therapy services. This is beneficial for many reasons, including limiting the amount of disclosure we have to provide to your insurance company about your treatment, and there is no limit to how many sessions you are able to access in a given year.  


17951 Jefferson Park Road
Suite #100
Middleburg Heights, OH 44130

(440) 879-8517