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Tiffinne Perkins


Accepting new clients

Tiffinne is a psychiatric nurse practitioner that is excited to bring her extensive healthcare experience from the VA to Stella Luna clients through our strategic partnership with New Pathways Clinic.

Like our practice, New Pathways’ goal is to support clients in making mindful and informed decisions about their treatment, and encourages clients to continue doing their core work with a therapist in conjunction with medication when necessary. Tiffinne offers telehealth assessments on Monday’s for individuals seeking the support of medication, including screening clients for the possibility of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy which would take place at New Pathways, and should be supported by one of Stella Luna’s mental health therapists by way of preparation and integration sessions.

Tiffinne’s specialties include supporting individuals with PTSD, and depressive disorders. She has seen up close the real-life consequences of psychiatric disorders on the individual person and the family unit. As a military veteran herself, she understands PTSD and Military Sexual Trauma. Tiffinne also specializes in caring for individuals with weight management concerns who seek to improve their overall health with weight reduction strategies. She supports her clients in making the best decisions for themselves and approaching mental health and wellness as a whole in a caring and compassionate manner.

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We are a private counseling practice, and are working on paneling with insurances at this time. However, we cannot guarantee how long this process will take, or that we will surely be able to panel with your insurance due to the ebb and flow of enrollment. Some of our therapists are currently paneled with  insurances. You can see the updated insurances in each therapist bio, or contact our office for more updated information on where we are in the paneling process. For now, you may be able to utilize your out-of-network benefits for behavioral mental health if you have them. Click for more information and to learn more about this process. You are always welcome to private pay for therapy services. This is beneficial for many reasons, including limiting the amount of disclosure we have to provide to your insurance company about your treatment, and there is no limit to how many sessions you are able to access in a given year.  


17951 Jefferson Park Road
Suite #100
Middleburg Heights, OH 44130

(440) 879-8517