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recovery support:
substance and process challenges

Stella Luna is proud to support those searching for their version of recovery from substances and processes, as well as supporting the loved ones that may be impacted along the way. We understand that your recovery journey toward sobriety, remission, harm-reduction or any other journey with addictive patterning can be both fraught with difficulties, AND, may open new ways of understanding ourselves and our bodies. Our practitioners recognize that substance and other maladaptive behavioral challenges are often intertwined with stories of trauma. Stella Luna offers support for those ready to explore recovery from substance use as well as maladaptive process related behaviors. We hold that recovery is a journey from discomfort to a more comfortable lifestyle through holistic understanding of the self and body.


At Stella Luna, our practitioners are prepared to offer specialized services for treatment of substance use and non-substance related behaviors with a holistic approach. We offer trauma-informed care in a non-judgmental space, and believe substance use and other addictive behaviors are often adaptive responses to trauma.

We offer a trauma-informed space that is validating, promotes harm-reduction, and encourages a collaborative approach to treatment that is individualized and recovery focused.

Addiction Therapy
Addiction Therapy

We have multiple practitioners with expertise across all substances as well as gambling and other behaviorally reinforced concerns like gaming, internet, sex, shopping, OCD, trichotillomania and others. While our practitioners each bring their own modes of therapy, anyone engaging with our services can expect a validating and multifaceted approach to care.

As an outpatient holistic treatment center, individuals can access individual and group therapy along with EMDR therapy for trauma and our Wellness Services.


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