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What Are Immersive Services?

Stella Luna’s Immersive Services are full-body environmental experiences.  Whether it’s the Salt Room, Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna, or Float Experience, you are fully encompassed in the environment.  Because of this, you gain each service’s multiple benefits just by partaking in the experience.

Benefits of Immersive Services:

All three of our services benefit you by helping to:

  • Reduce Inflammation– The effects of the salt and magnesium salts from the Salt/Halotherapy Room and/or the Float Experience help influence the body to have a more alkaline pH.  Inflammation thrives in a more acidic system.  Being able to influence the body towards being alkaline helps to alleviate bodily aches and pains.   This also aids the immune system in functioning optimally.
  • Relaxation– On top of the time spent actively taking care of yourself in our peaceful environments, each of our Immersive Services are amazing additions to any relaxation regime.
  • Increased Mindfulness–  In a world that seems to demand constant productivity, making time for yourself is hugely important.  Indeed, giving yourself time to and space to refocus improves every aspect of your life.  Whether taken individually or packaged together, our Immersive Services give you a place of calm to recenter and enhance any practice you already have. (Stella Luna provides services to teach, coach, and practice these techniques as well.)  The decreased inflammation and increased relaxing qualities of each service remove several common struggles with mindfulness practice.  Our unique, comprehensive catalog of services supports you in dialing in just what you need to motivate and inspire yourself, as well as to create, continue, and enhance positive self-care habits.


Salt Room/Halotherapy

The Salt Room provides a peaceful, ambient space to lay back in one of our gravity chairs and focus on your breathing.  The salt supports opening up lung pathways so the blood will oxygenate more efficiently.  Our special lighting and the steady hum of the machine is perfect for setting the mood for a soothing experience.

Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna

The Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna gets deeper into the muscles and fascia to help vascular dilation.  This eases tension which, in turn, allows for better blood flow.  Better blood flow removes waste and encourages faster healing.

Float Tank/Sensory Deprivation Tank

The Float Tank is brilliant for relaxation.  Beyond having a quiet, serene place for yourself, the sensory management experience enables the nervous system to not be constantly overwhelmed.  This then allows for a smoothing of the whole body system.  Additionally, laying in an environment with no points of pressure on the body alleviates pressure and compression in the joints and spine.

Interested in booking all 3 Immersive Services? Check out our Immersives Package and get all 3 for $100.00!