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Halotherapy and Sound Bath Sessions


Immerse yourself in the tranquility and healing of our unique wellness offering: a session in our Salt Room combined with a Private Sound Bath. This exclusive experience begins in the Salt Room, where the air is infused with natural salt particles, known for their purifying, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties. Breathing in this therapeutic air can improve respiratory health, detoxify the body, and enhance skin appearance. During the salt therapy, you’ll transition into a private sound bath session, where the soothing vibrations of crystal bowls and other instruments envelop you, promoting deep relaxation, stress relief, and a harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit. This dual offering is a sanctuary for those seeking a profound sense of well-being, rejuvenation, and an escape from the everyday hustle.

Float Room

Private Sound Bath Sessions



This is not your ordinary meditation. You will be lying or sitting (your preference) in Stella Luna’s tranquil studio for deeper relaxation.  This environment, coupled with the restorative benefits of vibrational therapy will infiltrate your entire body and will create powerful shifts in your internal vibrational frequency.

Come and experience a meditative journey as you listen to the healing and uplifting tones of crystal singing bowls, chakra chimes, gong, wave drums, intuitive vocalization, and other healing instruments used across many cultures and timelines.  Clear the density of stagnant energy with vibrational sound infused with Reiki energy and create space to raise your vibrational frequency in this energetic balancing and co-creative exchange.

Float Room

Group Sound Bath Experiences at Stella Luna

Dive into the enchanting realm of sound therapy and begin an enlightening expedition towards personal growth, healing, and revival. Immerse yourself in the seamless fusion of age-old traditions and contemporary advancements as the transformative energies of sound envelop you.

Join us for our communal sound therapy sessions held monthly at our sanctuary in Cleveland. Allow yourself to be cradled into a profound state of relaxation and heightened serenity, as you ease your central nervous system. Simply lean back, unwind, and connect intimately with your physical essence as you absorb the potent frequencies and resonances emitted during the healing sound session.

What Awaits You in Your Sound Bath Experience:

Upon your arrival, dressed comfortably, choose to either lie down or sit in the serene ambiance of Stella Luna’s studio, designed for your utmost relaxation. This setting, enriched with the healing virtues of Holy Fire Reiki and vibrational sound therapy, promises to envelop your entire being. This immersive session is poised to catalyze significant shifts in your internal vibrational state, guiding you through a liminal space between dreaming and wakefulness. For your comfort during this 60-minute session, please bring along a yoga mat and a pillow or floor cushion for either a seated or lying position.

Our profoundest healing occurs as we slip into states of deep relaxation and diminished brainwave activity, where our bodies harness the optimal conditions for healing and rejuvenation. Such tranquil states, conducive to your emotional and physical well-being, are accessible through a variety of practices including energy balancing, breathwork, Tai Chi, vibrational sound methods, floatation/sensory deprivation tanks, and various meditation techniques.

Step into a meditative state as you are serenaded by the therapeutic and elevating sounds of crystal singing bowls, chakra chimes, gongs, wave drums, and intuitive vocal tones, alongside other sacred instruments revered across diverse cultures and eras. Disperse the heaviness of inert energy with sound vibrations intertwined with Reiki energy, making room to elevate your energetic frequency within this harmonious and interactive healing exchange.

View our events calendar to see when we are hosting our next group sound bath session!

Relaxation Massage with Sound Bath

In this unique service, our experts weave a skilled relaxation massage session with the healing and uplifting tones of a private sound bath experience.  

For many people, relaxation massage is used to promote greater relaxation, ease tension held in the body, and support emotional well-being. In greater states of relaxation, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, and the body intensifies its ability to heal itself. This may also contribute to a reduction in chronic stress levels that our fast-paced lives often create. 

Combining these benefits with a rejuvenating private sound bath session leads one on a harmonious journey to relaxation and well-being.  The immersion in the soothing tones of the singing bowls aids in the promotion of deeper relaxation and internal harmony.  

 Elevate your wellness journey with this unique sound and relaxation massage session.  Book your private relaxation massage with sound bath now for a blissful escape into tranquility.

*Relaxation massage can be done after receiving a certificate in relaxation massage. This is not a medical treatment, and this practitioner is not a licensed massage therapist.

Float Room

Off-Site Sound Bath

Consider booking Stella Luna for your corporate event, retreat or private party. Prices vary depending on the type of event, the time for set-up, the distance to your location, and the number of practitioners needed. Contact us for memorable, wellness-focused corporate events pricing for private parties, events and special groups.

Sound Bowl Session – Small Group (2-4 people) – 1 practitioner off-site = minimum $200

Sound Bowl Session – Groups of (5-10) – 1 practitioner off-site = minimum $275

Sound Bowl Session – Groups of (11-20) – 1 practitioner off-site = minimum $325

Full Sound Bath Session – Groups of (2-30) – 2 practitioner off-site = minimum $475

*Travel fees will apply beyond 10 miles from our center

*We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to cultivate a wellness practice. If you believe your event warrants a slide fee and your community may otherwise not have access to a service like this, please contact our office and we will see if we can accommodate your budget.



Stella Luna Counseling & Wellness partners with local businesses to offer open-group Sound Baths, wellness and mental health speaking events, school assemblies and more. We also offer our own in-house educational and experiential events that are open to the public! Check out our Events page to see what is available currently or coming up soon. Let us know if you’d like to partner with us to offer an experience for your community/agency that they will remember!


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