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Stella Luna Counseling and Wellness

Our holistic counseling and wellness center helps you learn how to heal yourself from the inside out. As holistic practitioners, We consider all aspects of You.

Our Services

We are here to help you incorporate a deeper understanding of how to be well LONG-TERM, through incorporating a holistic approach to your wellness. We teach our clients to learn how to listen to their bodies, tap in to their inner wisdom, and become an active observer and participant in their life experience. 

Addiction Therapy

Mental Health Therapy

Our therapists offer an intentional blend of mental health services, including traditional talk therapy, EMDR, relationship counseling, and trauma-informed therapy.

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Mindfulness Services

Whether you meet with us 1:1 or in a group setting, our mindfulness experts will support you in your journey toward mindful presence.

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wellness services

Wellness Services

Our center focuses on treating the entire person through an intentional blend of services that support the mind, body and spirit.

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Breathwork with John

Breathwork with John

June 3, 2023    
1:30 pm - 2:45 pm
The Mind is the General of Energy and Energy is woven with the Breath.  Breathwork, then, will aid you to achieve success in unifying the [...]
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Jennifer DiGiandomenico, LPCC

Founder/Director – Stella Luna Counseling and Wellness

Born from a vision I had when I was 18 years old, Stella Luna Counseling and Wellness offers an intentional blend of comprehensive services to support you in coming back to whole-ness. Whatever your journey, history or story, we have created a center founded on the desire to meet each client where they are, non-judgmentally, and with a customized approach to meet your unique needs. We understand that being vulnerable isn’t easy, but it is necessary for growth, authentic exploration, and the ability to make lasting change. A trusting connection with your practitioner is essential to doing this life-enhancing work.

At Stella Luna, we have licensed mental health professionals who specialize in the treatment of trauma, depression, grief, anxiety and relationship concerns. We offer traditional talk therapy, EMDR, mindfulness training, breath-work, and group therapy.

Additionally, our wellness offerings may serve as an adjunct to your mental health treatment plan, and are also open to to the public, always with the intention to enhance your overall balance, wellness, and emotional and physical health. 

Steve Suntala

Partner and Senior Adviser

Steve is the Executive Director of New Pathways Clinic, our sister practice that provides Ketamine treatments and medication management. Motivated by his own success in achieving remission for multiple psychiatric diagnoses, he opened New Pathways Clinic and partnered with Stella Luna to help others struggling with mental health achieve mental wellness. He understands the difficulties and complexities of these disorders from firsthand experience. His goal is to make sure Stella Luna is on the cutting edge by planning their expansion into MDMA and Psilocybin assisted psychotherapy as they become FDA approved in 2023 and beyond.

Ever since he graduated from Ohio State with a major in Psychology, he has not stopped pursuing knowledge about new treatments available in the realm of mental health. As a vigorous consumer of research publications, he will always be ready to answer any questions patients have about psychedelic therapies and other new treatments. Steve is looking forward to helping Stella Luna become a regional leader in patient-centric mental health, free of stigma and judgement.

Steve Suntala


Heal. Restore.


Beth McNeil Hensley

I attended the Meditative Sound Bath group session. Jenny and Jon did an amazing job. I left feeling grounded and refreshed. I will definitely attend this again.”

Lynn Wenger

Jenny is truly a compassionate and well-rounded therapist. No matter what your life struggles are, she will help you to find the best solution to your problems and work with you, without judgement. She is a remarkable soul and very easy to talk to. Jenny will help you open up about anything that troubles you and I completely trust her guidance. If you are looking or know someone who needs a great therapist, Jenny is your Gal. She is also very knowledgeable in many types of therapy including but not limited to sound bath healing.

Julia Stitzel

I went to Jenny for a reiki therapy session and it was the most transcendental experience. I had no prior knowledge of reiki therapy, so this was very new for me and I really didn’t know what to expect. Jenny was such a compassionate and passionate guide. I had the session on August 31, 2021 and I am still feeling the amazing effects of it. I feel so much lighter, open and mentally clear. I was feeling really stuck prior to my session and now, I feel as though I released everything I was holding onto. I feel more at peace. Thank you, Jenny! I am forever grateful.

Jody Pittner, LPCC, ATR-BC

Jenny is truly passionate about helping people! She is a warm, kind, and creative therapist and has created a space that reflects these same qualities.

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