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About Us

Awarded Best Mental Health Practice in Middleburg Heights for two consecutive years, in 2022 and 2023! 

As a holistic mental health and wellness center, we offer next-level care that is intentional, comprehensive and innovative. 

Our established private practice is located in Middleburg Heights, OH, where we offer 6K square feet of wellness space, conveniently located just off I-71 and Engle Rd. in a quiet, private park-like setting. We offer mental health and wellness services utilizing an intentional blend of evidence-based treatment and holistic services that impact the mind, body, and spirit. In addition to mental health therapy, we have a custom built restorative float room (salt-float/sensory deprivation tank), meditative salt-room with halo-therapy, full-spectrum infrared sauna, a growing yoga program for adults and youth, regular offerings in meditation/mindfulness, sound baths and Ayurvedic educational services, relaxation massage, reiki/energy work, hypnotherapy, art therapy, and a large multi-purpose room used for wellness workshops, retreats, corporate wellness events, and CEU/educational trainings. 

We have intentionally designed an environment where our practitioners and staff can model self-care, so we can continue to be a clear vessel for ourselves, and usher out this transformative work with our clients and community. Our team experiences a limitless 30% off all wellness services, as well as four FREE services of halo-therapy, restorative float, and/or sauna each month.

Our center values diversity. We are open and inclusive and aim to build a team that represents the diverse populations we serve. Please see the list below for the positions we seek to hire, and more information on how to apply. 

Stella Luna Counseling and Wellness Center is Looking to Hire the Following Positions:

For immediate consideration, APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE PRACTICE OWNER – jennifer@stellalunatherapy.com

Job Opportunity: LPCC-S / Mental Health Therapist / Trauma Informed Specialist – Job Description

****This is a rare opportunity to join our unique and innovative team of clinicians!****


Independently Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with Supervisory Designation (LPCC-S)

1) Licensed therapist with specialty in treating individuals with trauma, including developmental trauma, major incident trauma, and CPTSD. EMDR trained therapist highly preferred. We may be willing to compensate half of your EMDR training for Part I and II for the right candidate. 

The therapist will offer individual therapy (group/couples/partner work if interested as well), and will be hired on as a contractor until they reach a full caseload (within 2-3 months). The therapist agrees to schedule a minimum of 26 direct clients per week, and provide supervision for a minimum of 2 supervisees per week, offering individual and group supervision. The contractor will receive 60% of their direct billable income initially as a contractor, as well as $80 per direct hour of supervision paid for by the practice.  

You will have the ability to be creative with your professional career at our center! If you’re interested in doing therapeutic work that is truly dynamic and transformative, we are your practice!

Stella Luna is known for our expertise in treating trauma, and offering a blend of holistic pathways to healing. You should have a blend of both top down and bottom-up approaches to be a candidate of consideration. If this sounds like you…please apply NOW! We are seeking to hire immediately.

We offer a blend of self-pay and insurance-based clientele to provide therapists with ongoing referrals. Our front office team assists with the onboarding and scheduling of new clients, and we also offer insurance/billing support as a part of our split. Stella Luna provides a HIPPA compliant email, and the use of the gold standard HIPPA compliant EHR (electronic healthcare record system) SimplePractice. We also have a beautiful center and our rooms are typically more spacious and we have a non-clinical vibe. We also offer an array of other holistic services that our contractors have the benefit of participating in at a discounted cost.

***Please note: As a contractor, you must provide your own laptop for notes. Therapists will be paid on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. We do not offer insurance benefits at this time.

Benefits you will enjoy:

  • Autonomy of developing into your own specialty areas: You have a choice in what your scope of practice is.
  • Focus on the Clinical Work: We assist with scheduling intakes, billing, marketing and referrals so you can focus on what is most important—your clients.
  • Competitive Compensation: We pay you according to your desired caseload and billable hourly rate. This often ends up being two to three times higher than community mental health agencies for therapists who see an average of just 25+ clients per week.
  • Technology: our EHR system (electronic healthcare record) offers you a customized note taking and paperless intake process. Say goodbye to file cabinets and wordy and unnecessary notes.
  • Grow with us: Stella Luna Therapy offers you the ability to develop professionally and increase your earning potential as you expand your specialty areas and offerings. We are also working on gaining approval to offer CEU’s at our center which will be offered at a discounted rate to our practitioners. You also would have the opportunity to offer trainings and group therapy, as we have a large multi-purpose room for services and events!
  • Creative Freedom: If you see a need or role that you can help us fill, let’s talk! We are always looking for ways to expand and meet our community’s needs. Raise your earning potential and help us build out our programs and offerings in a way that feels meaningful to you, and aligned with our mission and vision.

Please apply directly to the center owner at jennifer @ stellalunatherapy (dot) com. If you are a candidate of interest, we will reach out to you. We will not be contacting every candidate who applies.

*Please note, Stella Luna Therapy is an open and inclusive practice, and all therapists who work here must be committed to developing their own cultural competencies on an ongoing basis.

More About Our Center

Stella Luna Counseling and Wellness is a holistic wellness center located in Middleburg Heights, OH. Situated in a peaceful park-like setting, our center spans over 6K square feet and focuses on mental health and whole-body wellness. We offer a unique blend of evidence-based treatments and holistic services that nurture the mind, body, and spirit.

Our center features exclusive amenities such as a custom-built float room for sensory deprivation therapy, a meditative salt-spa with halotherapy, and a NEAR and FAR infrared sauna. We provide group therapy, workshops, and individual services in reiki/energy work, massage, and Ayurvedic Medicine. Additionally, we offer various classes, trainings, and events including yoga, meditation, Qi Gong, sound baths, drum circles, and more.

We value the well-being of our team members, who receive a generous 30% discount on our practitioner-facilitated wellness services and enjoy four FREE Stella Luna services per month, such as halo-therapy, float tank, or sauna. We offer many other perks that are available, including discounts on acupuncture sessions, fire cupping, and more!

At Stella Luna, we embrace diversity, equality, and aim to build a team that represents the diverse populations we serve.

Join us in our commitment to holistic wellness and helping others on their path to well-being.

*other key words: addictions, substance use dependence, therapist, social worker, counselor, doctor of psychology, psy.d, mental health, trauma, recovery, trauma.

Job Type: Contract

Salary: $45.00 – $90.00 per hour

Expected hours: 25 – 30 per week

Patient demographics:

  • Adults


  • 28 direct hours spread between 5+ hour shifts, Monday through Saturday; Weekend hours are not required, but available
  • Choose yours within our office availability


  • LPCC-S (Required)


Work Location: primarily In person. Some remote hours 


    Job Opportunity: Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

    Stella Luna Counseling and Wellness Center is looking for a passionate and dedicated board-certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP-BC) to join their team. The ideal candidate will play a crucial role in delivering holistic mental health services to adults and youth, with a strong emphasis on evidence-based care and patient empowerment.


    Clinical Care:

    • Conduct comprehensive psychiatric evaluations and assessments
    • Develop and implement individualized treatment plans
    • Prescribe and manage psychiatric medications
    • Provide ongoing evaluation and improvement of treatment plans
    • Collaborate with the interdisciplinary team for patient-centered healthcare
    • Advocate for innovations in healthcare and integrate behavioral medicine and trauma-informed care into practice
    • Address wellness and social determinants of health in patient care


    • Holistic eye to supporting clients in correcting diagnosis and ensuring current medications are appropriate 
    • Trauma lense and understanding (i.e. ability to decipher between ADHD/trauma)
    • Practitioner is interested in helping clients work us “out of a job” – supporting clients in reaching recovery and titration off of medications when appropriate
    • Experience with offering medication optimization for patients with SUD is desired but not mandatory 
    • Experience treating youth desired but not mandatory


    The ideal candidate should have:

    • Board certification as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP-BC)
    • Strong clinical skills and the ability to build rapport with patients and families
    • Commitment to evidence-based care and continuous improvement
    • Experience in substance use disorder treatment and trauma-informed care is preferred
    • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
    • Ability to work collaboratively in an interdisciplinary team setting

    Employment Details

    This position is a contractor agreement and reimbursed at a market competitive rate for direct billable hours. The goal is to grow this program to offer full-time comprehensive treatment, with the goal of becoming an employee position. The practitioner will be expected to have the availability to schedule 32 direct hours per week and should have a holistic approach to treatment. The practice will support marketing and referrals,  as well as the intake and onbaoarding of new clients, all billing, paneling, HIPPA compliant email, Dr. First, EHR (SimplePractice), and a furnished office space. The contractor will be responsible to have their own laptop, handle all client related responsibilities including documentation/paperwork. 


    Stella Luna Counseling and Wellness, 17951 Jefferson Park Road, Suite #100 Middleburg Heights, OH 44130 Contact: (440) 879-8517

    How to Apply

    If you are a dedicated and compassionate Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner interested in this opportunity, please submit your resume and cover letter to jennifer@stellalunatherapy.com.

    Stella Luna Counseling and Wellness is an equal opportunity employer and encourages individuals from diverse backgrounds to apply.



    Wellness Practitioner

    Job Description

    We are currently seeking to fill several wellness practitioner positions. If you have skills in any of the areas below, you just may be our next hire!

    1. Licensed Massage Therapist (must be licensed by the state of Ohio) – interest in cupping, reflexology, hot stone massage, etc.
    2. Reflexology
    3. Yoga Practitioner (very mindfulness/consciousness-based/trauma and yoga therapy/yoga Nidra) 
    4. Human Design Analyst
    5. Acupuncture
    6. Open to other holistic practices of various data-driven modalities

    Practitioner to offer a minimum of 15 direct client hours per week, and may expand to full-time if desired and if there is availability on our roster.

    Compensation and benefits:

    This is currently a contractor position. The competitive split between the practice and provider is 60/40 (practitioner to receive 60%) based on the specialty service rate. We are a tip free facility. Our aim is to provide affordable wellness services to meet the needs of our community, which is why we offer our practitioners a higher split, and wellness incentives you won’t find anywhere else.

    As stated above, we do offer discounts on services to all of our staff, including 30% off on all wellness services (reiki, massage, yoga and workshops), and four free non-practitioner lead services per month, including salt room/halo-therapy, float/sensory deprivation tank, and sauna.

    In addition to discounted wellness services, we provide practitioners with ongoing referrals, marketing, and scheduling support. Contracted practitioners are responsible for having the necessary equipment and supplies to carry out their services. We provide the space and ambiance. We will also provide the tables for massage therapists, and offer on-site laundry for sheets and towels if needed.

    Grow with us: Stella Luna Therapy encourages our practitioners to continuously think outside the box with their services and offerings. If you have a special skill or interest that aligns with our mission and holistic approach, you may be able to expand your specialty offerings with us to increase your earning potential.

    Please send your resume to jennifer@stellalunatherapy.com, and include a cover letter detailing why Stella Luna Therapy sounds like a perfect fit for your skills and interests. Please include any special training, your preferred hours, and highlight your specialty areas you are interested in offering. If you are a candidate of interest, we will reach out to you. We will not be contacting every candidate who applies.

    *Please note, Stella Luna Therapy is an open and inclusive practice, and all therapists who work here must be committed to developing their own cultural competencies on an ongoing basis.



    17951 Jefferson Park Road
    Suite #100
    Middleburg Heights, OH 44130

    (440) 879-8517