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Intuitive Heart-Centered Bodywork

In this unique offering, several different modalities are combined to create an exceptional experience.  This is a co-creative experience that begins with a simple heart-connecting conversation, and ends with the client on the table. The client may receive an initial intention setting ceremony with the practitioner, which may be supported through conversation, tarot, and crystal work. The practitioner will always incorporate the option of a deeper somatic processing through breath work, relaxation massage, Karuna reiki, and guided meditation. Every session is different. 

The energetic container of this work begins as soon as you say yes to this experience.  Your willingness is what allows this process to flow.  During the session, these practices are combined to help release stagnant energy, to improve balance and energy flow, and create a sense of relaxation and harmony. Every supportive intervention that is included in this experience is intended to deepen the healing process for the client. Our intentions act as an energetic carrier–a wave of energy, as we allow the healing and supportive energies to penetrate more deeply into this fully embodied client-centered experience. 

Inner Guidance

These sessions are highly intuitive, conversational, and free-flowing.  As intuitive and vibrational energy conduits, we offer you energetic transmissions.  We never commit to running sessions in a particular way, and instead, allow the organic nature of our container to transfer energy in the following ways:

  • relaxation massage
  • Reiki/energy work
  • restorative crystal work
  • through our voice in our dialogue and with intoning/chanting
  • observing the synchronicities the universe brings you through your interaction with life, as well as in our sessions
  • guided imagery/meditation
  • mantra/affirmation work
  • breath work
  • Other tools as the client is open/called to experiment (e.g. tarot)



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