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Kim McKendry

Kim McKendry

Certified Energy Codes Coach – Morter Institute
Certified Life Coach- The Life Coach School
Certified Meditation Teacher- Davidji Meditation Academy

“Your Vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. 

Who looks outside, dreams, Who looks inside, awakens.” Carl Jung

 Any change you long to see in your life will always start from within and will translate into every aspect of your life.  My own journey inward has led me to develop a greater knowing of who I am, what is alive in me, and my deepest desires and truths, something I was very unaware of only a few short years ago.  When I finally stopped searching outside of myself for solutions, cures, or anything that would make me feel better, and turned within, the healing and magic started to happen.

Seeing what this work has done for me personally, my desire is to help and guide others with a compassionate presence and open heart; empowering you to tap into your innate wisdom and inner power helping you create positive shifts in all areas of your life.  I approach my work with a strong understanding of the body’s energy system and its profound influence on overall well-being.  Together, we explore the interconnectedness of your total well-being- physical, emotional, mental, and more- recognizing that true healing occurs on multiple levels.  Throughout our collaborative partnership we restore balance, enhance your life force vitality, and cultivate a deep sense of inner peace and alignment.

 As a certified coach and practitioner for Energy Codes, Mindfulness, and Life Coaching, I draw upon principles from quantum physics, traditional sciences, and other wisdom modalities.  I am trained in several healing systems, including energy medicine based on the profound wisdom of Dr. Sue Morter’s best-selling book Energy Codes.  With additional training in life coaching and meditation, I offer a holistic and integrative approach and a comprehensive toolkit to support you on your transformative journey with the idea that, together, we create a safe and supportive environment where open communication and trust can flourish, allowing for deep exploration and growth. 

Throughout our sessions I combine Energy Codes practices (which include breath patterns and concentration of the mind on specific areas of your body) to help you learn how to activate and harmonize your body’s energy centers, release stagnant energy that may be keeping you “stuck,” and transform limiting beliefs with gentle guidance, encouragement, and compassionate presence.  While delving into your energy system, emotions, and thought patterns, we learn how the energy in our bodies plays a significant role in how our lives play out.  I am committed to providing gentle guidance, encouragement, and compassionate presence, as well as empowering you to tap into your inner wisdom and inner power, helping you create positive transformation in all areas of your life.  

Building upon the life coaching training, we work to help you gain clarity, set meaningful goals, and develop strategies to overcome obstacles while providing guidance and support as you navigate life transitions, tap into your inner strengths, and create a life aligned with your authentic Self. 

The meditation methods incorporated into our work include mindfulness practices that cultivate presence, self-awareness, and inner peace, and guided meditations so that you can develop a deeper connection with yourself and access a state of calm amidst the busy-ness of everyday life.  

Beyond our sessions, you will be equipped with practical tools, resources, and ongoing support to help you integrate the practices into your daily life.  My ultimate goal is to empower you to become your own healer by listening to what your body is telling you as the mind, body, and emotions, the whole self, develops a deep and trusted relationship with each other.  I want to help you embark on a transformative journey that honors your unique path and together we unlock your full potential, awaken your energy, and create a life filled with purpose, joy, and inner harmony.

Energy Codes Coaching – Initial Consultation 

1 hour 30 minutes @ $125.00

Energy Codes Coaching – Regular Session 

1 hour @ $100.00

Life Coach Guidance- Initial Consultation

2 hours @ $150.00

Life Coach Guidance- Follow Up Session

1 hour @ $125.00

Mindfulness and Meditation

1 hour @ $75.00

Focused Healing (Available after initial consultation)

30 minutes @ $75.00


Practitioners of Stella Luna Counseling and Wellness (The Practice) are not licensed physicians and are in no way authorized to diagnose, prevent, cure or treat any disease. The Practice assists clients by educating and suggesting individualized wellness plans to support overall stress reduction with holistic healing pathways. Individuals with diagnosable mental health concerns should be treated by a mental health professional, and may also participate in collaborative wellness services to enhance their care with our center and beyond.


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