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Rosey Baker

Certified Yoga Instructor

I completed my 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training in December 2012 at Nishkama Yoga. Furthering my education, I continued with Nishkama to complete another 100 hours towards my 500 hr. Certification. I have 10 years of teaching experience focusing on alignment and body awareness. My Reiki 2 certification allows me to implement Reiki technique during class.  This aids you in harnessing your energy and working with it to heal.  I enjoy working with many healing modalities throughout the class.  For example, I am also Thai Massage and sound healing certified, both of which I enjoy adding to classes to enhance the experience.   

When I found yoga, I was transitioning out of a relationship and into living on my own for the first time in my life. Yoga gave me the opportunity to slow down, breathe, and work on my authentic self which was such an amazing blessing during this stressful yet empowering time. My yoga classes are alignment-based and breath-focused but most of all, I want you to make it “your Yoga.” Essentially a moving meditation, I am there to help assist you through your practice of asana and with gentle subtlety guide you back to the present moment. During class, we will build heat from the inside out, following a Hatha Vinyasa format. Hands-on assistance, Thai massage, and Reiki can be implemented during class according to the student’s comfort levels. Yoga is work…a physical challenge, a mental challenge, and a spiritual challenge – but we will share some laughs along the way.

Other Info

I am an Aquarius, and it is very apparent.

My favorite color is blue…all hues.

Music is what really makes me come alive! It has the power to evoke strong feelings, set the mood, bring back memories, and embrace the future.

“Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.” -Author Unknown