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Do you feel like you have a deeper purpose but can’t seem to tap into it? Are you seeking universal truth but don’t know how to access it? Do you find yourself asking questions, like:

  • What is my purpose?

  • How can I stop feeling so drained, tired, and disconnected?

  • Who am I as my true-SELF?

  • How can I set healthier boundaries in relationships that are no longer serving me?

  • How can I have greater access to my intuition/knowing?

  • What practices can I do to consistently raise my vibration?

We are not meant to live our lives in a constant state of fear, chronic fatigue, or suffering. In our sessions, we will co-create a sacred container, and set the intention for you to experience the optimal growth and alignment available to you at this time in your ascension journey. Together, we will pay close attention to what Life is bringing up for you—your feelings, experiences, relationship patterns, and life themes. These are bread crumbs guiding you through your ascension journey. We’re here to shine a light on what Life is calling you to notice or shift.

Inner Guidance

We ascend when we are willing to take a deeper look within, and continuously choose to realign in truth with our most authentic SELF (aka higher-self, soul essence, etc.). We have to learn how to manage our energy by mindfully listening to our body, our thoughts, and the messages we receive from Source/God/Universe (insert whatever label suits you). We do this by leaning into, not resisting that which needs to be healed, heard, felt, expressed, and experienced. As we do this, we open up more space to bring light in and experiment with that which brings us joy, peace, growth, ease, and greater alignment. This, as a mindful and intentional practice, gives us greater access to the guidance of our own inner wisdom and allows us to bring forth the magical gifts we never knew (or remembered) we had.

These sessions are highly intuitive, conversational, and free-flowing. As intuitive and vibrational energy conduits, we offer energetic transmissions from our soul to yours. We never commit to running sessions in a particular way, and instead, allow the organic nature of our container to transfer energy in the following ways:

  • through our voice and in our dialogue (voice is a vibration and our tone and energy is transmitted through spoken word and tuning)
  • observing the synchronicities the universe brings you through your interaction with life, as well as in our sessions
  • energy work/reiki/somatic-based processing
  • vibrational sound healing techniques (tuning forks, singing bowls, etc)
  • guided imagery/meditation
  • mantra/affirmation work
  • breath work
  • Other divinity tools as the client is open/called to experiment (i.e. tarot, rune, crystals, pendulum)


Inner Guidance Coaching:

$125/session – 60 minutes

$175/session – 90 minutes

Bundle Discount

$1,117 – 7 sessions for 90 minutes each

*In these sessions, we are working with you as an intuitive energy/ascension coach, not as a therapist/counselor. If you have mental health issues that need to be addressed, you should begin with a licensed mental health therapist first. Mental health therapists cannot work with individuals as a coach and therapist at the same time. You can see two different practitioners if you would like to benefit from both services.

Conscious Community CLE

Are you into higher consciousness, and looking for ways to find other people like you? Stella Luna Counseling and Wellness will be offering engagement events, retreats, and networking opportunities in the future! For now, we are growing our Facebook community and we are looking for you to join! Link up with other like-minded conscious community members in Northeast Ohio. Check out what other conscious community members are doing in our community. See what they have to offer. Share your own conscious ideas, programs and services. By all means, look for ways to support the ushering in of a truly conscious collaborative. There’s something for everyone, and enough for us all! Find us, here – at Conscious Community CLE!

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