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Sunita Chugh

Sunita Chugh 


Sunita Chugh is a Health and Life-Style Consultant from Ohio. She earned Masters in Public Health (MPH) from State University of New York (SUNY) and holds a Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) from Mumbai University, India. She worked as a family physician and health consultant before moving to the US. Currently she offers personal health consultations and wellness workshops. She uses food, herbs, lifestyle strategies, yoga and meditation to achieve an individual’s optimal health.

Sunita has conducted Wellness consultations on Nadi Parikshan (pulse analysis), Jivya Parikshan (tongue analysis), yoga, meditation, lifestyle, diet & herbal recommendations. She has presented workshops and lectures on healthy living, as well as led Ayurvedic cooking classes and provided Panchkarma services – Abhyanga, Swedna, Shirodhara, Shiro Abhyanga, Padabhyanga, Nasya.

About Ayurveda
Ayurveda teaches that each individual has the power to heal himself. Thus, this science offers the freedom to recover health by understanding the body and its needs. Ayurveda proclaims that the central principle of health is “balance.” It offers specific guidelines, practices, recipes and remedies to achieve it. These guidelines vary across the seasons, vary for each person,  and vary throughout your lifespan. The four aspects of the body – Doshas (body humors), dhatus (tissues), malas (wastes), and agni (digestion) need to be kept in balance in order to maintain good health. The ayurvedic lifestyle is based upon three things – routine, moderation and tuning into the nature rhythms of doshas and agni.

Nutrition is called “the great medicine” in Ayurveda. A wholesome, well-balanced diet is the foundation of health, strength and happiness for both mind and body. Yoga, being the sister science to Ayurveda, helps in not only attaining the goal of a fit body but also iin connecting with the higher self.


Ayurveda is not a licensed medicine program. Dr. (Vaidya) Sunita is NOT a medical doctor. Dr. (Vaidya) Sunita does not practice medicine. All information provided is for educational purposes only. Ayurveda includes diet, lifestyle changes, stress management, panchakarma treatment, yoga and meditation practices. The use of these practices is strictly voluntary. It is not a medical plan or alternative plan for medical treatment. For medical concerns or before making changes to your diet or lifestyle, please consult your physician.


  • Master’s in Public Health (MPH)
  • Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)

Services Offered and fees:

  • Initial Health Consultation (time: 1 hr $140)
  • Follow-up Health Consultation (time: 30- 45 mins $70)
  • Abhyanga – medicated oiling of full body (time: 1 hr $140)
  • Shirodhara – pouring of medicated oiling on forehead (time: 1 hr $140)
  • Shiro Abhyanga (time: 45 mins $100)
  • Padabhyanga (time: 45 mins $80)
  • Nasya (time: 30 mins $50)
  • Panchkarma packages – 3 days package ($600), 5 days package ($800), 7 days package ($1,050)
  • Ayurvedic cooking workshop (2 hrs $35/ person)
  • Ayurvedic wellness workshop (2 hrs $25/ person)

Description of Services
Panchkarma Information
• Abhyanga (oil massage) is an ayurvedic therapy that involves massage of entire body from head to toe. Oil used is premixed with herbs depending upon Doshas’ or specific conditions.
• Swedna is a type of steam therapy to release toxins from the body through the skin.
• Shirodhara is a healing technique that involves pouring herbal oil on your forehead.
• Shiroabhyanga is a complete massage of head, neck and shoulders using herbal oil.
• Padabhyanga is an ayurvedic foot therapy involving massage of pressure points with medicinal oil.
• Nasya is very effective to purify the head region and nasal passages. A herbal oil is administered through the nasal cavity.


Practitioners of Stella Luna Counseling and Wellness (The Practice) are not licensed physicians and are in no way authorized to diagnose, prevent, cure or treat any disease. The Practice assists clients by educating and suggesting individualized wellness plans to support overall stress reduction with holistic healing pathways. Individuals with diagnosable mental health concerns should be treated by a mental health professional, and may also participate in collaborative wellness services to enhance their care with our center and beyond.


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