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Holistic Meditation Mini-Retreat


May 4, 2024    
1:00 pm - 5:30 pm


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$130.00 Investment

Enjoy an afternoon of mindful practices in a curated program that engages you on many different levels.  On Saturday, May 4th from 1-5:30 pm, four of our skilled practitioners will lead you through a series of meditative experiences to enhance your mindfulness skills.  This retreat introduces you to and engages in practicing practical techniques that you then take with you wherever you go.  Whether you are a novice meditator or have a regular practice, our retreat has something for everyone and is designed to take you through a journey of experience.  This is the kick-off to our Conscious Tools for Positive Change series led by different practitioners!

Bring a journal for built-in mindful and integration sections within each session.  Mats and cushions are, of course, also encouraged.


To begin with, Sifu John Cosma teaches Taoist-based practices.  This section is a warm-up as he teaches Taoist breathing methods and Qigong practices to bring the breath and body into harmony.  Additionally, standing meditation to facilitate gathering energy and a sitting portion designed to refine the previous efforts in stillness are incorporated.

At this point, the workshop continues with Sheron Maddox presenting a crystal meditation.  In this unique meditation experience, the soothing and refining energies of crystals are coupled with meditations designed to guide you to be in the breath.  This creates a harmonious connection between mind, body, and energy.

Next, you move into moving as our Director Jennifer DiGiandomenico will lead a session on Mindful Movement.  Mindful movement is a transformative practice that combines the principles of mindfulness, non-judgmental awareness, and somatic work.  The practice encourages individuals to heighten their focus on the present moment, and fosters a deep connection between the mind-body connection.  By cultivating non-judgmental awareness, you learn to move without criticism, promoting self-compassion and acceptance.  This holistic approach to movement not only enhances physical well-being but also facilitates emotional and mental balance, making mindful movement a powerful tool for fostering a harmonious relationship between the body and the mind.

Finally, Rosey Baker leads you in a Yoga Nidra session.  In this “cool down” session, you are immersed in the art of conscious relaxation and serenity.  This is a guided meditation that transcends traditional practices  as you delve into a state of effortless mindfulness.  This allows your mind, body, and energy to cultivate the sum of all the practices in the workshop.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to nourish your mind, body, and energy.  Secure your spot today and embark on a holistic meditation journey and leave feeling refreshed, centered, and inspired.