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In the vast tapestry of the English language, certain words share a familial bond that goes beyond mere similarity in spelling.  One such dynamic duo is “resolve” and “resolution.”  At first glance, they may appear to be interchangeable, but a closer inspection reveals a nuanced relationship that adds depth to their meanings.


Let’s start with “resolve.”  This word carries a sense of determination, a firm commitment to achieving a goal or overcoming a challenge.  It’s the unwavering inner strength that propels us forward in the face of adversity.  When we say we are resolved to do something, it implies a conscious decision to persevere, no matter the obstacles.

Now, when we look at “resolution,” we see that it shares the same root, but the journey it takes is slightly different.  A resolution is not just about determination; it’s about the formal expression of a decision or intention.  It’s a commitment set forth in a deliberate manner, like a pledge or a declaration.  Resolutions are the blueprints for the path we choose, embodying our aspirations and outlining the steps we plan to take.

You have resolve, but you make a resolution.  One is an adjective, the other a verb.

The link between “resolve” and “resolution” becomes even more apparent when we consider them in the context of personal development and the pursuit of a personal Spring renewal. As the seasons turn, individuals around the world declare their intentions for that time.  They resolve to lose weight, learn a new skill, or foster healthier relationships. This initial resolve is the spark that ignites the flame of change.

The Journey

However, the voyage from resolve to resolution is not always smooth.  It involves facing challenges, adapting to unforeseen circumstances, and staying true to the original commitment. This intricate dance between resolve and resolution mirrors the complexities of the human experience.

In our daily lives, we encounter countless opportunities to exercise resolve.  It could be as simple as deciding to embrace a healthier lifestyle or as profound as committing to personal growth.  Each act of resolve becomes a building block, contributing to the grand structure of our resolutions.


Showing consistency not only helps you, the person committing to and engaging in the habit, but it also begins to shine onto others as well.  The people around us can’t help but be affected by the decisions we make and so will benefit from our increased capacity to handle things as well as our then naturally becoming a positive example of change through Will.

In addition to the closer groups of people we associate with, societal challenges also call for collective resolutions.  Whether it’s addressing environmental issues, fostering inclusivity, or promoting social justice, these resolutions demand the concerted efforts of a community or even the entire global population.

In essence, “resolve” and “resolution” are partners in a dance of determination and commitment.  Resolve provides the initial thrust, the raw energy that propels us forward. Resolution, on the other hand, encapsulates our decisions and intentions, shaping our journeys with purpose.


As we navigate the waters of resolve and resolution in our lives, let us appreciate the symbiotic relationship between these words.  They remind us that the pursuit of our goals is not a linear path but a dynamic, evolving journey.  So, let us face each challenge with unwavering resolve and express our aspirations through resolute resolutions, creating a tapestry of growth and achievement in the process.

So, as Spring comes around, let us not only talk of actions we might engage in, but put our energies more towards building the habits that we can rely on over time, building the resolve and mindset necessary to continue to persevere in the decisions and lifestyle we want and that will be better for us and those around us.  Stella Luna is here to help.  Whether it’s learning new practices or finding ways to enhance what you’re already doing, Stella Luna is here to support your journey.