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Red Pine Progressive Relaxation Meditation- Small Group Salt/Halotherapy Room Sound Bath Add-on


April 27, 2024    
5:00 pm - 5:45 pm


Progressive relaxation is a systematic technique for true relaxation.  You go through relaxing points or parts of the body, working through the whole, and creating a state of deep relaxation.

While some will practice progressive relaxation as a series of muscle tenses and then relaxing, this doesn’t promote relaxation.  All that teaches is more tension and then returning to, at best, “normal.”

The “Red Pine” system teaches you how to use the breath to work through the body, point-by-point.  It helps to create true and deep relaxation.  This meditation aids in alleviating anxiety, pain, tension, and pressure.  It can also be comprehensively adapted to any meditative and wellness practice.


Sifu John Cosma has been using this technique for his own physical, mental, psychological, emotional, and consciousness health for over 2 decades.  He has taught it to private students as well as used it extensively while working with child/adolescent mental health clients in residential, community, and day treatment settings.


This is a limited offering for those participating in our Sound Bath presentations.