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In today’s fast-paced world, more and more people are turning towards holistic approaches in favor of conventional medicine to achieve a balance between the mind, body, and self.

While Western Medicine is more widely sought out, Eastern Wellness and Medicine have been gaining popularity in recent years for their natural and integrative healing methods. At Stella Luna in Cleveland, Ohio, we embrace the wisdom of Eastern traditions to provide you with a comprehensive approach to wellness.

Here are some of our favorite Eastern Wellness practices:

Acupuncture: This ancient Chinese practice involves inserting thin needles into specific points on the body to stimulate energy flow and promote healing. Our licensed acupuncturist, Marikate Workman, holds a Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is certified by the Ohio Medical Board. She specializes in using acupuncture to address a wide range of health conditions, from pain management to anxiety and hormonal/fertility issues.

Cupping: Another traditional Chinese therapy, cupping involves placing cups on the skin to create a vacuum that helps decompress tissues, stimulate blood flow, and alleviate muscle tension. It is particularly effective in relieving chest congestion and supporting cough relief.

Gua Sha: Also known as Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, Gua Sha utilizes a handheld instrument to scrape areas of tension and pain, breaking up adhesions and fascia. It’s a great way to increase circulation, remove stagnant blood and toxins, and promote lymphatic flow.

Herbal Medicine: Chinese herbal therapy has been used for centuries in Eastern Medicine to treat various health conditions. Our practitioners may recommend herbal treatments to complement your overall wellness plan.

Moxibustion: This technique involves burning dried mugwort near the skin to stimulate specific acupoints, promoting healing and balancing the body’s energy.

Tai Chi and Qi Gong: These ancient Chinese practices involve gentle movements and breathing exercises to cultivate and balance the body’s vital energy, known as “qi.”

marikateMarikate Workman – Our Eastern Medicine Specialist

Marikate’s expertise in Eastern Medicine is unmatched. With a Master of Science degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Health and Science, she has honed her skills in acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, and tui na massage. Additionally, she is well-versed in tai chi, qi gong, and integrative medicine.

Marikate is a licensed acupuncturist with the Ohio Medical Board and a Diplomate of Acupuncture with the NCCAOM. In her private clinic in Oberlin, she successfully treats various health conditions, including pain, anxiety, chronic illness (including long COVID), fertility and hormonal optimization, and more. Her extensive knowledge of complex chronic illnesses such as ME/CFS and connective tissue disorders makes her an exceptional practitioner in the field of holistic counseling and wellness.

At Stella Luna, Marikate offers individual and community acupuncture appointments, bodywork sessions, and even cosmetic micro-needling for scar reduction and anti-aging benefits. She takes a holistic approach to health, considering environmental, socioeconomic, and structural factors’ impact on individuals’ well-being.

Getting Started on Your Healing Journey: Cleveland Acupuncture

If you’re looking to experience the healing power of Eastern Wellness and Medicine, book an appointment with Marikate today. Whether it’s your first time trying an acupuncture treatment or you’re seeking relief from a specific health concern, she will provide a personalized treatment plan and guide you toward optimal wellness.

Embark on a journey of holistic healing at Stella Luna, where Eastern Medicine and compassionate practitioners like Marikate Workman come together to support your well-being through stress and pain relief. Schedule your appointment now and take the first step towards a balanced, vibrant life. If you have questions before you make an appointment, you can contact us here easily. Thanks for reading.