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In a world full of people who are ever-evolving and growing as time goes by, it isn’t surprising to hear that the only way for medical practices like therapy to survive is to grow and change along with them. What might be surprising to hear though, is that the most recent development in the mental health therapy community finds therapists making their way to social media platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram.

In order to reduce the stigma surrounding therapy as a whole and to reach the younger generation, therapists have worked over the past few years to meet patients on their terms. Hashtags like #mentalhealth and #therapistsoftiktok find themselves trending regularly, and seem to shine a light on mental health, self-care and more. Tik Tok especially has effectively given people a mental health education they’ve never had before.

However, therapists on the app are resolute that Tik Tok and Insta therapy are not a substitute for true face-to-face therapy.

In-Person and Telehealth vs. Tik Tok and Insta Therapy

Tik Tok and Insta therapy aren’t necessarily bad things, but they’re no replacement for the counseling experience and experts caution against treating these trends as such. Mental health TikTok is where people can build foundational knowledge, feel validated, and see themselves in the experiences of others–but it is not a replacement for therapeutic care.

Since social media is so fast-paced and updated regularly, it can be a good daily reminder for individuals to practice mindfulness and to learn more about their own mental health or mental health therapy in general. As long as you tread carefully, and schedule in-person or telehealth visits with a therapists/counselor as needed, you’ll be able to build some wonderful base knowledge on the subject while simultaneously healing your mind and spirit.

“Every step taken in mindfulness brings us one step closer to healing ourselves and the planet.”

― Thich Nhat Hanh

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