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The information in this blog post is based on content from the 1st/2nd Degree Manual by William Lee Rand. Since Stella Luna is holding an instructive Usui Reiki certification class on August 12th at our facilities, it’s a good time to continue discussing this energetic healing system from the East that has become quite popular in the West. Please join us on August 12th, won’t you?

Part II:  Reiki Energy Healing Technique

The word reiki basically translates into “Heaven Energy” and is a Japanese technique for helping the body to heal itself using the hands to channel energy. The practitioner does not use their own energy. The attunements one receives in Reiki training are designed to open them in such ways so as to be able to be a conduit for the energy being utilized. One does not have to be in an “altered state,” nor does one have to subscribe to a particular religion or cult – Reiki is nondenominational and non-religious. Once the person is attuned, they can “turn it on” and it doesn’t require guidance, but there are ways to help make the practice of Reiki more effective.

During Reiki training, the master channels the energy and it “accommodates the ability to channel Reiki and then links the student to the source.” The changes to, with, and through each person are distinctive to that person. Once you are attuned, it won’t “wear off and you can never lose it.”

Once you set your attention, Reiki will begin to channel and, as a practitioner is a conduit of life energy, it will not cause harm to either you or to the client. In fact, Reiki benefits the practitioner during each healing session, on top of being a practice that is able to be administered to oneself.

How Reiki works is that Ki (energy) is channeled through the practitioner and positive effects work upon the individual energy field (aura) and travel through the meridians (energy pathways) and chakras (energy centers) of the body being worked upon. Where there is a block, stagnation, disruption, etc., the Ki will go to and through those areas. The energy needs to be able to move through the body in order to remove the blocks and stagnation and to promote a free flow of Ki.  With highly attuned individuals, the energy will work on all levels, including physical, psychological, subconscious, emotional, and spiritual.

Stella Luna is pleased to offer this thorough introduction to Reiki energy healing, and we also offer Reiki energy healing sessions at our wellness spa for those who wish to receive Reiki energy but are not interested or gifted in administering Reiki. Do you have questions – either about our Reiki event on the 12th of August or about our energetic healing sessions? Please contact us for more information.  We look forward to hearing from you, and we especially look forward to seeing you on August 12th at Stella Luna for our Reiki Healing Certification class!
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