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What Element Would YOU Like to More Connected to in Life?

I wrote a little about Jenny, who founded Stella Luna, in my last post, and how she brings things together. In developing her holistic wellness and counseling practice, she has brought therapists together as if the Classic Elements of fire, air, earth and water. These elements can be a way to shift the paradigm. In Buddhism, the belief is that if we can see that the four elements which co-exist outside of us also coexist within each of us, we can understand how we are connected to the whole.

I’ve worked with Kelly since I first joined, and when she takes in what I’m saying, I feel as if she is listening with every part of her body. Diane is my mentor; she cares for the plants in each of our offices, and has created a garden in her own space. What she touches grows green and healthy. Sam has guided me over every tech hurdle with grace; her ability to accept where I struggle has allowed for mastery.

I am getting to know each of the therapists Jenny has invited in more recently. Jenny has told me how Brock helps people rebuild their lives; I’ve watched him take off his therapist hat when his help was needed to build the beautiful spaces at our center where clients can feel comforted. Heather has a vast knowledge of the somatic arts and is teaching us how to bring a groundedness to the body which allows for self-revelation from a place of safety; she sparks the creativity essential to change. And when I walk into Joe’s office, I feel what those he works with must feel; acceptance and support even in the moments they are most challenged and shaky.

Logan, at our front desk, will be a therapist in the near future, and they bring diversity to Stella Luna, helping us define the ways we need to grow in order to create safety for people of all gender identities and orientations. I am learning all the time.

It is not that any one of us is a single element; or that any one element is more important than another; it is the combination of elements within us that connect our therapists, our wellness practitioners, and those who come seeking transformation here at Stella Luna Counseling and Wellness. Together we are a whole.

When you think of yourself containing elements, what element most comes to mind? What elements do you represent to the people who are closest to you? What would you most like to connect with?

Ms. Tea, Therapy Dog in Training

Ms. Tea, Therapy Dog-In-Training

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