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The founder of Stella Luna Therapy, Jennifer DiGiandomenico, has a wonderful sense of design and as I watch our Wellness center space being built-out, there is a delight in the ever-changing interplay of objects, colors and textures that present themselves as the space evolves.

When you enter the Stella Luna Space, try to see it as unfinished, unfolding, a place where you can fully explore who you are, as well as the ways you want to grow. Be playful. Pick a card from the affirmation card deck in the lobby. Peek at the children’s storybook. Touch the salt lamps. Smell the flowers.

That’s what I did when Jenny first put together my office. I lit the candles, played the chimes, held the stones – jagged and smooth, brought all my senses to bear in a room full of light. This is also what I hope for with all of my clients – that visiting and working with Stella Luna will arouse a sense of curiosity and discovery …. of the world, and of the self.

One of my favorite explorations in the earliest stage of construction at Stella Luna was the ability to “walk through walls.” That’s no longer a gift here, as those two by fours have been filled-in with drywall, and painted, and the emptiness has been replaced with solidity as the construction has advanced. But I can still see the doorway where a wall now stands instead. That’s what you might discover here as well, and what I hope for all of my clients through our work together ….. that you see and perceive the mental doorway that can become an opening through a wall you have built in your consciousness, allowing for exploration, understanding, growth and greater freedom.

As you close your eyes right now, can you visualize a wall and name how it is holding you back?

At Stella Luna Counseling & Wellness, part of our work as licensed therapists is to offer integrated and holistic mental health therapy using various tools and approaches, with the goal of helping our clients move towards healthier, happier, more satisfying relationships and experiences in the world, with others, and with themselves. Please consider contacting us today to learn how we may be of assistance on your journey towards greater health and wellness!