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In order to successfully grow, heal, or change, it’s important to remember that each of these actions shares a common trait: achievement takes time. During that time, focusing on as many aspects of yourself as an individual is imperative. Everyone contains a mind, a body, and a spirit/energy, and each of these elements should be nurtured and cared for properly. Holistic counseling and wellness not only considers the mind, but also the physical body and the energy or spirit body, and how each of these elements interconnect together.

The idea of Holistic counseling combines a broad range of different holistic approaches to help you reach the deepest level of healing possible. Rather than focusing exclusively on an illness, holistic wellness delves deeper into the underlying causes of a disease (dis-ease) and patterns of an issue that may exacerbate the disease, etc.

At Stella Luna, we offer a number of effective holistic options for those looking to begin their journey to wellness. This includes both mental health therapy and holistic wellness options.

Holistic Therapy

Stella Luna offers clinical mental health therapeutic counseling with licensed therapists. We work with individuals who are experiencing stress or difficulties in life and are finding it difficult to cope.

Holistic Wellness

In addition to counseling, Stella Luna has a growing number of wellness treatment options led by trained wellness practitioners.

Holistic Counseling and Wellness Offerings from Stella Luna

Whether you are looking to heal emotionally, mentally, or even spiritually, holistic therapy from Stella Luna takes every aspect of a patients journey into account and helps guide you down your own specific wellness path. You deserve to grow and change into the very best version of yourself that you can – and we can help!

Contact us with any feedback or questions about our holistic counseling and wellness practice, our treatments options, or Stella Luna in general, by filling out the form here. To book an appointment, please complete out our New Client Inquiry form.

We look forward to meeting with you and working with you on your goals and objectives!